The 11th edition of the CIAA will take place  in Taipei, Taiwan, on August  21–23, 2006. The conference will be hosted by the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University.

The CIAA conferences concern research on all aspects of implementation and application of automata and related structures, including theoretical aspects.

Automata theory is the foundation of computer science. Its applications have spread to almost all areas of computer science and many other disciplines. In addition, there is a growing number of software systems designed to manipulate automata, regular expressions, grammars, and related structures; examples include AGL, AMoRE, ASTL, Automate, FADELA, FinITE, FIRE Station, FLAP, FSM, Grail+, INR, Intex, MERLin, MONA, TESTAS, Turing's World, Vaucanson, WFSC and Whale Calf.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together members of the academic, research, and industrial community who have an interest in the theory, implementation, and application of automata and related structures.